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Born in 1928, Dakshin Kalikata Sansad (DKS) was the brainchild of a group of visionaries who were keen to develop sports amongst the middle class fraternity of the city of Kolkata. The institution was then known as the The South Calcutta Club. M/s J.C.Das, J.C.Mukherjee, Harshonath Mukherjee, Khitish Dasgupta, Amar Bose, Sudhangshu Banerjee, Bhojohari Ganguly, Narayan Sen, Pramatho Nath Mukherjee (Santosh) are just to name a few who were associated with the foundation of the institute.

The institution had a modest beginning. Cricket and soccer were played on the famous Deshapriya Park, while the campus had three clay tennis courts and four grass courts, as well as a table tennis room. Yet, it produced a number of champions not only at the state level, but also at the national and the international levels.

The institution can boast of producing champions like J.M. Banerjee, Samir Mukherjee, Nacchu Mukherjee, Rupa Mukherjee (Banerjee), Indivar Chatterjee, Poulomi Ghatak, Sushmita Roy, Nabanita and Nupur Santra in table tennis. Cricket featured none other than Nirmal Chatterjee, Asit Chatterjee, Benu Dasgupta, Anil Dasgupta, Deb Mukherjee, Amit Mukherjee,Tolly Mukherjee just to name a few. Not many are aware that Siddhartha Sankar Ray and Arun Mazumdar played soccer for this club. Tennis can boast the likes of S.N. Deb, Sourav Panja and Ragini Vimal.

In those days, the club hummed with activities round the year, especially in the winter months even though the only food available was toasted bread with tea. Many looked forward to the rendezvous (“adda”, to be more appropriate) of the members after sporting events. The spirit was more important.

The Club has successfully shouldered the sporting legacy started by the visionaries of yesteryears. It has successfully bridged the gap between tradition and modernity. Since the 1970s, it started organizing State level Tennis Championships under the dynamic leadership of the Capt. D.N. Mukhopadhyay (Kacchu). There is no doubt that over the years, DKS has become the favourite venue for the tennis fraternity of the country as it holds a number of important national and international tennis meets every year. For the last fifteen years, DKS has been organizing the International Tennis Federation Junior Tournament (ITF Juniors) that features key junior players from the world over.

DKS holds regular coaching schemes for tennis, cricket and table tennis where more than 300 children get the opportunity to pursue their respective sports disciplines in the sylvan surroundings.

Besides sports, DKS has vigorously promoted socio-cultural activities. Every evening, the club arena is buzzing with activity. It has been a favourite place for children and their parents to relax, away from the world of tension and stress. The club’s Library has an excellent collection of books, mainly targeted at the children.

In its continuous endeavour to promote sports and culture, DKS has not forgotten the needy and the downtrodden. The library gives books to the needy children free of cost. In tennis, cricket and table tennis, the club provides scholarships to promising juniors and free training facilities. The Club also provides free coaching to needy children in all the three disciplines.It is no mean achievment that more than 25 children are supported by DKS under these free schemes.

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