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Rules & Regulations

Club Hours ::

The Club would remain open from 5.30 a.m to 11 p.m on all days, unless otherwise determined by the Committee as and when required.

Tennis Members  ::

A Tennis Member, his/her spouse and Dependant children upto the age of 21 years would be entitled to enjoy all facilities of the Club. Specific charges for the facilities as laid down from time to time would however, be applicable. Tennis Members would enjoy the voting rights subject to their attaining 18 years of age.

Coaching Students ::

Students of various coaching schemes of the Club would be entitled to avail of the coaching facilities for which they have enrolled. They would also be entitled to enjoy the canteen facilities during the coaching period against purchase of coupons. Coaching students however,are not entitled to use any club facility during the non-coaching period, unless specially permitted by the Committee for certain functions. Coaching students are also not entitled to introduce any guest to the Club. The parents of the Coaching students are permitted to be in the Club premises only during the period of their ward’s coaching. Servants and drivers are required to wait outside the Club gate. 

D R E S S  C O D E ::

Tennis Members  ::

Members and Guests are permitted to play tennis in tennis attire only. Round neck T-Shirts, Bermudas and Beach Shorts are not permitted. Sneakers or spiked shoes with raised studs are not permitted.

General Members  ::

The dress norms for the Club is Smart Casual at all times, unless specified otherwise for special events. Wearing of rubber or plastic slippers, half-sleeved kurta with pyjamas, half-sleeved vests, torn jeans are not permitted in the Club premises.

Swimming  ::

Members and Guests availing the Swimming facilities must wear Swimming Costumes. No other form of attire is permitted. Members and Guests wearing swimming costumes must however, restrict their movement within the Swimming Pool area. Use of any other part of the Club premises in swimming apparel is not permitted.

Bar,Lounge & Restaurant  ::

At the Bar, Lounge and Restaurants, round neck T-Shirts, shorts, chappals without backstrap, rubber or plastic slippers, half-sleeved kurta with pyjamas, half-sleeved vests, tracksuits and sneakers are not permitted.

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